Refer-a-Friend or Family member and you could earn a $100 Gift Card. You can use it or transfer it…the choice is yours. Do you Like our services? Have you used ROOMS-CANADA? Help spread the word to your friends and family members; they deserve it. From our Shop-at-Home experience to our Next Day installation services ROOMS-CANADA continues to provide quality products, affordable prices, and professional results at all levels. Spread the word if you have used our services or know someone who is in need. ROOMS-CANADA focuses on building long lasting relationships. Our goal is to build ‘Customers for Life’.
Referrals Are Beneficial, Quick And Easy. USE it or PASS it on.

Now you can show off those beautiful ROOMS in your home or office.

Here’s How It Works… 
 If you know of anyone who is looking for our services:

Step 1: Simply refer them to ROOMS-CANADA by sharing your experience with them.

Step 2: Make sure they include your name on their appointment when they call us or schedule on line

Step 3: If you choose to USE it we will send you your gift card by mail. If you choose to PASS IT ON advise your friend or family member to inform the representative during their appointment. They will receive a $100 discount applied to their order instantly.

Your satisfaction is OUR priority Referral program applies to…

• Orders resulting in an installation of $2,000 or more. $100.00
• Orders resulting in an installation under $2,000. $50.00
• For PASS it on savings, representative will call the office to validate

ROOMS-CANADA Customer Service is here for you. Call us 1-888-588-0234 (toll free) on our Referral Program or any other questions that you may have.


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